"Do what you love, love what you do"

An invisible Third World War is raging. Psychological warfare is what it is. Life is not what it seems to be, at least not since 2012.

Nothing disastrous happened in the apocalyptic sense, but I believe our mode of existence changed drastically. Maybe it really was the end of the 'man-made world', as prophesized. Maybe we really have started a period of equality, fraternity and liberty. Who knows, it may even be the start of the 'soulmate age' of spiritual bliss, afterall.

Looking back, 2012 really feels like the start of a new era. Like we are in some metaphorical 8 A.D. now. At least that's what I have experienced so far, and how it looks for the future. The new era is not necessarily an easy one to describe, but as we tap those phones and tablets, the digital age seems to be telling us that we are somewhere new. A new planet, deserving a fresh look at everything we think we know, and a need to resituate ourselves towards the new future lying ahead of us.

Presence, time and joy are concepts that I feel are mostly affected. Love and friendships, relationships and unions seem to have changed meaning as well. It feels like anything that is about bonds and bonding has lent itself to a mode of reality, that demands that there be a solid experience of love, and love only.

This is all to say that I have done my share of introspection, asking myself what it is that I really love. And searching for what I really want and miss, and will regret if I don't experience. The new era has helped immensely. Bonds of love revealed many new connections, passions and inspirations that transformed into beautiful projects and most importantly new friends with unimaginable truth and honesty. All in all, a wonderful life of endless opportunity.

I am grateful, and it is wonderful to find you here, reading these lines. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope we will connect someday.

With love...


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